Atomic Structure

atomicAtomic Structure fo IB,AP and A Level NEW!!

Atomic Structure HL and SL
Atomic structure presentation
Atomic structure mind map
Electron configuration mind map
Emission spectrum mind map
Use of radioisotopes presentation
Ionization energy  mind map
The atom worksheet
The mass spectrometer worksheet
Electron configuration worksheet
Mass spectrometer mindmap
Atomic Structure Chapter NEW!!
Isotopes lab questions
Isotopes lab excel sheet


Quantitative chemistry

calculationMole concept worksheet NEW
formulas worksheet NEW
chemical equations NEW
relations in equations worksheet
Stoichiometry mindmap NEW
Stoichiometry Lesson Flash
Interactive Combustion
Interactive combustion 2
Measuring substances mole
Calculation calculator
Empirical formula calculator
Uncertainty calculator
Empirical formula
Gases calculation
Titration calculation and yield



periodicityPeriodicity ppt (one file)
eriodicity ppt (1) NEW!!!!
Periodicity ppt (2) NEW!!!!
Periodicity ppt (3) NEW!!!
Periodicity (HOLT)
Periodicity (SL)
periodicity (HL&SL)



bondingBonding for IB 2010 NEW!!!
Bonding HL and SL (Holt)
Bonding Introduction
Lewis structure
VSEPR theory

VSEPR examples
Intermolecular forces
Metallic bond
Bonding animation
Hydrogen Bond (flash)
Giant covalent structures


energeticsIB Energetics E-Learning NEW!!!
Energetics Holt
Energetics (ppt)


kineticsIB Kinetics E-Learning NEW!!!
IB Kinetics
Kinetics NEW



equilibriumIB Chemical Equilibrium NEW
NO2 and N2O4 Equilibrium animation

Chemical Equilibrium Animation NEW
Le Chatelier Priniciple Video
Chemical Equilibrium Holt
Le Chatelier principle Animation NEW


redoxConstructing e-cells
Galvanic cell Animation
Galvanic cell 2 Animation

Redox Reactions
Balancing Redox Reactions
Finding the Oxidation Number
Reactivity Series animation

Acids and Bases

Acids and Bases NEW!

Buffers and Buffer Calculation NEW!

Acids and Bases
Acids and bases pH simulation


Organic Chemistry

organicHydrocarbons (ppt)
Organic Chemistry (Holt)
Alkanes reactions
Functional Groups

Errors and Uncertainties

error analysismeasurement and Data processing ppt
uncertainties and calculation worksheet
uncertainties and calculation worksheet
graphical techniques worksheet
Errors and uncertainties mindmap

Environmental Chemistry

environmental chemistryPrimary air  pollutants
Effect of primary pollutants
Reduction of primary pollutants
Acid rain
Human impact on the environment
Acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion (Flash)

Drugs and Medicines

drugsDrugs and Medicines ppt
Effect of drugs         Answers
Analgesics                Answers
Anatcids                    Answers
Depressents              Answers


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